Cory-Merrill, Wash Park living at a fraction of the price

I may be biased because my husband, two kids and I live in Cory-Merrill and love it, but my neighborhood, just a few blocks southeast of almighty Washington Park, looks to have a hot 2020 as far as real estate is concerned.

I love the neighborhood, for taking the kids to the park on Saturday morning to the many schoolfriends our kids have nearby, the walkability to the schools. Cory Elementary, a great-rated Denver Public Elementary school, is located in the center of the neighborhood, and is really its heart.

Families flock to the school’s playground for afterwork playing and meetups. In fact, the neighborhood is named for this school and Merrill Middle School.

With those great fundamentals in place, Cory-Merrill provides Wash Park-level living at a fraction of the price.

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The year of modern new-builds in Cory-Merrill (and other ‘hoods)

On the street we live, there’s a great new-build modern single-family home on the market. It’s absolutely beautiful.

The 4,280-square-foot, five-bed, four-bath home listed for $1.59 million markes an emerging trend in Cory-Merrill and other Denver neighborhoods: custom-built modern homes.

See the photos here!

Until recently, buiilders tended to lean toward building transitional style homes, which have modern elements but don’t have the full modern designs of open layout, lots of natural light and clean lines.

I predict we will see many more modern new-builds in 2020 like 1645 S Milwaukee Street, which is located on a great block with other custom homes and walking distance to the neighborhood’s hub: Cory Elementary School.

Wash Park, at lower prices

The listing also highlights a great feature of my home ‘hood. It offers the same lifestyle of Wash Park homes just to the north and west, but at a faction of the price.

You can get a home approaching 5,000 square feet in Cory-Merrill for from $1.7 to $1.95 million, which would go for $2.5 million in Wash Park.

In general, buyers pay an approximate $500,000 premium for homes in Wash Park and Observatory Park compared to those in Cory-Merrill. Along with the emerging modern homes, it’s one reason I see the neighborhood having heat in 2020.

Want to tour 1645 Milwaukee Street or find out about new homes coming on the market soon in Cory-Merrill? Reach out to set up a call: