The art of living, and your home

Milehimodern, the innovative Denver-based brokerage I joined in the last year, brings a fresh, refined focus to real estate centered on celebrating and highlighting the artistry of living.

In this post, I wanted to focus on what I love about the company and how it helps Front Range buyers and sellers meet their real estate dreams in ways few brokerages I think can and have.

The company has grown by partnering with some of the area’s best agents, and by emphasizing the most important elements of home with a stylistic bent, we’re redefining what it means to serve our clients.

I’ve seen this firsthand as we work with sellers to uncover the meaningful, valuable stories within their homes — from architecture flourishes to the sometimes hidden elements that give families joy. My colleagues and I find the unique art in every home — their one-of-a-kind layouts, their stories, their architecture, the meaning and joy they brought families.

Milehimodern focuses on capturing the artistic essence of homes and showcasing their meaningful, lived-in stories in marketing.

Attuning to each home in this way, we develop top-notch marketing material and plans for them. See how we present our latest listings here.

We do the same for buyers — we really understand their families’ deep needs for home and then help uncover the best homes on (and sometimes off) the market for them to consider.

The art of home

As one of our sayings go, “We believe in connection first; every home has a soul-filled story to tell. Our purpose is to bring this story to light by discovering the artistic sizzle, the iconic value, the extraordinary architecture, or simply the narrative of a beautiful life lived in each property.”

Our name includes modern, but that does not just reference architecture — it relates to a commitment and vision to maintaining a fresh, of-the-moment, relevant vision of home, design and real estate. We look at everything we do, from planning our business and growth to uncovering and crafting sellers’ homes’ stories with a fresh, 2020 lens.

We find the story in every home, and share it with a growing network of the area’s best brokers and agents — my fellow milehimodern colleagues — who share all of our listings far and wide to our networks.

Unlike many brokerages, our agents freely share their listing photos and marketing materials, ensuring they broadcast to the close spheres of all our brokers.

The milehimodern approach in action

Take my recent listing at 2591 South Columbine in Observatory Park. The home had a lot of texture, a mix of materials, so we emphasized these design features. It stood out among the many smooth “modern”-styled homes seen throughout the area.

2591 South Columbine.

It had walnut artisan cabinets, a sexy geometric tile on the floor, an accordion door that connected the home to its outside patio.

We told the story of its diverse design, that gave it a chameleon character that could be dialed up for a high-energy party, dialed down for a romantic evening or cozied up for a family night at home.

We closed for $2.425 million.