Inside the emerging ‘Modern Eclectic’ Denver style

The speed of the Denver market and the pandemic have influenced Denver home interior design in surprising ways, which are beginning to become apparent.

Amanda Eufer-Lewis

When it comes to interior design, options can personally make my head spin, but thankfully I work with a talented expert, Amanda Eufer-Lewis, who runs the home staging company The Den Rentals. I decided to interview her about the emerging trends she’s seeing in Denver.

She has a great sense of design. In fact, she designed and staged our three-bed, three-bath Washington Park listing at 123 S Emerson Street, which went under contract in a skinny minute at $950,000. She summarized interior design well in a recent Denver Real Producers article:

A beautifully designed home is one that feels like it has a story to tell with a careful balance of new and old pieces. It’s perfectly okay not to buy the matching bedroom set or sofa with matching chairs. Rather than holding yourself to a specific color scheme or theme throughout your home, opt for pieces that have special meaning to you or at least look like they have a story to tell.

123 S Emerson Street designed by Amanda

In general, Amanda says she sees Denver she sees Denver interior designing shifting to something she calls “modern eclectic,” marked by clean, open design with unique flourishes. In our conversation, Amanda identified five surprising interior design trends.

Bold color choices

Amanda says she’s seeing less white and gray throughout homes and seeing homeowners prefer rich tones and accent walls, even ceilings and cabinets.

Statement lighting

Lighting has really become a statement in many homes, Amanda says. She’s seeing counterweight pendant lights and lighting that creatively supports office and reading spaces.

Statement lighting. Staging by The Den Rentals. Photo by Amanda Proudfit.

Mini forests

Amanda is seeing an increasing number of houseplants in people’s homes.

Wild wallpaper

In the effort to spice up home — where we all have spent a lot of time recently — homeowners are choosing statement wallpaper, Amanda says.

Black matte fixtures

As with bold colors and wallpaper, people are looking to spice up home in other ways, including by tweaking the classic fixture design of silver or nickel. Black matte is one she’s seeing recently.

Staging by The Den Rentals. Photo by Amanda Proudfit.