Demand continues to flare in central Denver neighborhoods

Among the seven central Denver neighborhoods I do most of my business, demand has shot up through the roof. Of the 91 properties sold in my core neighborhoods, 12 sold over list price in June.

Coming out of the pandemic buyers have been a little more reserved, which makes the over-list closings surprising.

This activity resembles a much hotter market, like the one that existed two to three years ago, and reveals just how much demand Covid-19 kept locked up.

Even more telling, all but one of those over-list-price transactions happened outside of the $350,000 to $1 million price range. This reinforces the growing trend of a split in the market between pricier homes and those listed under the magic $1 million mark.

407 South Williams Street, a bungalow in Washington Park, recently went under contract.

Wash Park bungalows on fire

501 South Downing Street, four-bed, two-bath, bungalow in West Washington Park sold on June 12 for $790,000, 13 percent over the list price of $699,000!

908 South High Street, a four-bed, three-bath East Washington Park bungalow, sold for $1.355 million on June 15 at 8.4 percent over list.

Finally, 235 South Humboldt Street, another East Washington Park bungalow with two beds and two baths sold for $680,000 on June 29 at 8.6 percent over list.