Signs of activity suggest optimism for 2024 market

2024 has brought a bubbling forth of real estate optimism in the Denver metro area. Just as the wider economy seems to be stabilizing and pointed for potentially sunnier days this year, so does the real estate market.

While the most recent stats for Denver – from December – suggest a still-cool market, activity in January I’m seeing in my core market and hearing from my milehimodern colleagues suggests an active market on the rise, especially at higher price points.

For example, just one East Wash Park property over $2 million went under contract between November 1 and December 31 in 2023. In the 15 days between January 8 and January 22, five homes over $2 million have already gone under contract in the neighborhood.

There’s always a lull in real estate activity around the holidays, with a slight uptick in the new year, but this activity stands out. Activity is beginning to explode!

Our stunning listing at 260 South High Street has experienced a pronounced uptick in interest in the last few weeks.

Our wonderful East Wash Park-Country Club listing at 260 South High Street is a good example. We first listed the six-bed, six-bath fully renovated masterpiece for sale on November 9, 2023, for $3.97 million. We adjusted the price slightly to $3.795 on January 11, and have seen a big increase in interest in the last week, but the overall market activity suggests a general market improvement versus any response to an adjusted price. We’re expecting a full-price offer any day now.

Interest rates are down from last fall’s peak. Buyers settling into that. Many people still need to move.

Another East Wash Park listing, 1038 South Race Street, is experiencing a similar attention increase. First listed for $4.275 million last September 8, it remained on the market without going under contract for over 130 days! On January 19, it went under contract, never having posted a price decrease.

The word on the real estate street is that many homes are now fetching multiple offers, especially in relatively more approachable sub-$1.5 million price category.

If you’re considering selling in spring, get out in mid-February or early March. That’s a good timing based on the activity we’re seeing now. Reach out any time for a free consultation if you want my expert advice.

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