The 7 predominant architectural styles of central Denver neighborhoods

Denver features many single-family home styles, and certain architectural styles tend to predominate depending on which neighborhood you’re in. Because of this, I wanted to highlight the home styles that characterize the central Denver neighborhoods where I focus my business to give you deeper insight into what’s available where.

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As such, this post focuses on the following neighborhoods and predominately on the style of detached, single-family homes within (not townhomes or condos): Cherry Creek, Washington Park, Belcaro, Bonnie Brae and Cory-Merrill.

Before introducing the styles, I should note that many architectural styles have been refreshed to reflect a modern aesthetic, marked by open floor plans, lots of natural light and clean lines.

The architectural styles common in the neighborhoods I cover in this post include:

  • Midcentury modern: Originated in the 1940s, this style features geometric lines, large windows and an outside-in feel. In many ways, this resembles the precursor current modern trend, which includes a bit more of a minimalistic, white flavor.
  • Tudor: Think English country manor. These are undeniable when you see them. They feature a steep angled roof, windows tend be narrow and they include characteristic wood borderings along parts of the house face.
  • Bungalow: Everyone loves a bungalow. These homes are usually on the smaller size with a compact, though not squeezed feel, typically only one story and covered porches.
  • Victorian: We all know these when we see them. Victorian homes are marked by steep, angular rooflines, often with intricate textures carved along the roofline or the eaves and ornamental trim. These homes are usually large, at least two-stories tall.
  • Two-Story: These are a quintessential Denver style. In fact, they are often remodeled versions of other styles, many taking place since 2000. Typically, they feature homes that have been expanded with a second story, a “poptop,” where bedrooms are placed upstairs. New homes of this style typically were built since 2000.
  • Ranches: These homes spread out, feature low-slung roofs and typically emphasize a backyard with an L or U shape.
  • Craftsman: These homes are defined by a low-slung roofline and, above all perhaps, a porch marked by tapered columns.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek North encompasses the Cherry Creek Shopping District. Cherry Creek East is just to the southeast of the area and Cherry Creek South is just to the south of Cherry Creek.

Cherry Creek includes three divisions: Cherry Creek North, the area featuring the iconic shopping district; Cherry Creek East, the district just to the southeast of the shopping area; and Cherry Creek South, the area just south of the shopping district across Cherry Creek.

Cherry Creek features many condos and townhomes like the one pictured above, a home I helped sell in 2020.

Most of the homes in Cherry Creek North and East are attached, so their style is a bit standardized to a modern open style that predominates among them. Some of the housing stock in these two neighborhoods, approximately 20 percent, is single-family.

Cherry Creek South, however, is a bit different. These feature more single-family detached homes, including traditional one-story ranches. Many of these have basements with storage, recreation and bedrooms. Conducive to people who don’t want to work with stairs.

Bonnie Brae

Tiny Bonnie Brae is a Denver neighborhood Tudor king. They capture a premium here and are really what the neighborhood is known for, giving the area standout curb appeal and a classic look.

A quintessential Tudor home.

The area includes some ranches as well as colonials, which feature a square, symmetrical shape and are relatively rare in the Denver area.


A midcentury modern style is common in charming Belcaro. Often the style fits within a ranch-style floorplan, meaning a meandering one-story home with a low-pitched roof. The homes here feature large lots.

A classic ranch.


Bungalows and two-story homes predominate in my home neighborhood of Cory-Merrill. The neighborhood includes many newer homes, which have feature the popular two-story style.

Example of a two-story home. The two-story style varies quite a bit, but, in general, the homes are newer and reflect a modern look.

Many of these homes didn’t have the same pretty brick exterior as Wash Park.

Washington Park

Washington Park is the land of bungalows, many of which feature attractive brick exteriors. Many of these are older, so they’ve been updated over the years. In fact, you’ll find many poptop bungalows here — those that have been converted into two stories.

A classic bungalow.

Along with bungalows, you’ll find some Victorian and Tudors homes sprinkled in.

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