Disappear into another time + maybe find some gold

Looking for a different kind of getaway? I know sleepy little mining towns aren’t exactly what we might think of when we think “vacation,” but this sleepy gem will have you and your family charged up.

Here’s a  teaser: Descend 100 stories into the Earth, meander through historical buildings and take in stunning views of the Rockies.

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Driving distance from Denver — Two hours and 30 minutes south on I-25

The cities of Cripple Creek and Victor reside in Teller County, near the heart of the Cripple Creek Mining District.

Victor’s historic city boomed when gold-hunters struck a lode gold was discovered in 1880 and the rush hit, bringing thousands to the area — one of the West’s largest gold booms.

Today, Victor (and Cripple Creek) run gold mine tours, steam engine rides, and a variety of historical museums, such as the Lawmen Jail Museum!

If history leaves you and the family dull-eyed, take advantage of the climbing, the area offers an abundance of off-roading, canyoning and camping spots. It also has plenty of casinos, restaurants and shopping. (A little something for everyone in the family!)

These little mining towns have become havens from city life, they have Airbnbs and funky hotels proliferate, giving them a cozy charm. Carr Manor — a late 19th century Victorian high school converted and repurposed into a hotel in 1983 — stands as one great example.

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Cripple Creek Highlight — Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tours

An ode to the old industry of many Colorado towns, this mining tour dazzles with interaction. It takes you on an underground mine railway, but, more exciting, the tour guides demonstrate how mining tools (like dynamite!) are used.

And, of course, keep your eyes peeled for any overlooked, or newly unearthed, gold nuggets!

Living in Denver gives you access world-class destinations. I love the Colorado lifestyle and I would be happy to answer any of your questions! Let’s talk.

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