Cherry Creek florist The Twisted Tulip is cool. That’s probably one of the best adjectives to describe my favorite Denver flower shop.

Besides its great name, I love the shop for its fresh, colorful, unique flower arrangements. But even more than that is the personal touch you receive there, one of my favorite things about our locally-owned businesses in Cherry Creek.

Twisted Tulip employees

Led by new owners Donald and Nancy White, Twisted Tulip employees are personable, friendly and truly care about you.

An example. I was in the shop recently to discuss the Cherry Creek Garden Tour with Donald and Nancy — which they sponsored! — with my 6-year-old daughter Maya, who sat patiently while we talked.

After the meeting, Nancy walked my daughter in the cooler and had her pick out her favorite flower. My daughter picked a long-stemmed pink rose, of course. There’s no question it made her day. She went home and put it in a vast. That rose was the center piece of our breakfast table for more than two weeks!

Some Twisted Tulip arrangements. Photos: Courtesy of The Twisted Tulip

Be sure to check it out next time you’re in Cherry Creek, just two blocks north of the Cherry Creek Shopping Center at 300 Fillmore Street. A great sensory experience that enhances any Cherry Creek day even if you don’t buy any flowers. If you need an arrangement, it offers wedding, sympathy and corporate arrangements.

Q&A with The Twisted Tulip owner Donald White

What’s your founding vision?

To provide a wonderful service to the community that will brighten people’s day each time we have the opportunity to interact.

Donald White

Describe your mission.

To provide outstanding service and beautiful artistic arrangements to each customer.

How long have you been in Cherry Creek?

My wife and I have lived in Cherry Creek North since April 2018 and we bought the shop in December 2017

What do you love most about being in Cherry Creek?

We Love that we get to work in the community that we live in. We love walking and seeing the beautiful gardens and meeting the wonderful residents of Cherry Creek.

What’s your best seller?

Our custom arrangements are probably our most popular purchase. We love it when a customer asks us to use specific types of flowers in an arrangement and trust our designers to create a beautiful arrangement for the.

Describe your perfect Cherry Creek day.

Isn’t every day perfect? I think so!

Feature Image: Courtesy of The Twisted Tulip