Numbers behind East Wash Park real estate

Bordering the iconic Washington Park, East Washington Park consistently ranks as one of Denver’s most desirable neighborhoods. Homes in the neighborhood sit on larger lots than those on the other side of the park in West Wash Park.

With its proximity to downtown, local amenities such as Cherry Creek, the Denver Country Club, and, of course, the 155-acre beautiful park, featuring two flower gardens, and two lakes, the neighborhood offers the best of Denver neighborhood living.

With that, I wanted to examine the performance of real estate on the key streets running north-south in the neighborhood. Listed in order from the park moving east, they are: S. Franklin Street, South Gilpin Street, South Williams Street, South High Street, South Race Street, South Vine Street, South Gaylord Street and South York Street.


I analyzed three metrics for real estate sold on these streets from June 1, 2022 to June 1, 2023: average sold price, average price-per-above-ground-square-foot and average total price-per-square-foot.

East Wash Park street-level sales analysis, June 1, 2022 – June 1, 2023

Street Blocks from Park No. of Sales Avg. Sold Price Average Price per Above Ground Square Foot Average Price Per Square Foot
S. Franklin St. 0 3 $4,111,667 $1,123 $868
S. Gilpin St. 1 13 $2,437,346 $881 $567
S. Williams St. 2 6 $2,856,667 $1,052 $781
S. High St. 3 6 $2,220,667 $909 $628
S. Race St. 4 2 $1,420,000 $949 $531
S. Vine St. 5 12 $1,805,833 $1,083 $570
S Gaylord St 6 5 $2,488,499 $982 $625
S. York St. 7 12 $2,381,500 $820 $566

Source: Recolorado

South Franklin Street, which borders the park, had the highest average sales price (and above ground and total square foot price) in that 12-month period at $4.1 million. That is not surprising as it is on the park, which, in addition to proximity, offers open views of the park from homes there.

Interestingly, South Williams Street, which is the third street from the park, had the second highest average sale price in that period at $2.9 million. It’s average total per-square-foot price came in at No. 2 as well, but its average above ground square foot price came in at No. 3.