The Vineyard Wine Shop knows great wine. Located in Cherry Creek North on Filmore Street, just south of E 3rd Avenue, my go-to wine shop has been in the neighborhood since 1971.

The Vineyard’s friendly and passionate staff

The Vineyard has an extensive wine selection. You can find varieties from around the world and the staff is ready to help you find the perfect bottle.

They provide a refreshing experience and love to share the story behind every blend — often a spark for good conversation while hosting.

This shop makes buying wine approachable. They don’t hustle you to the most expensive wine. Staff chooses each bottle for a reason, and they genuinely help you find the bottles that best suit your taste and budget.

They host free tastings every weekend, too! I might or might not have been known to drop in for a taste while running errands on the weekends, sometimes even with clients.

For this summer’s Cherry Creek Garden Tour, I called the Vineyard and they helped plan the event, selecting wines within my budget and even delivering. It was a hassle-free experience; I can definitely recommend them for events.

The store’s Wine of the Month club makes the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast. Each month they send you a hand-picked bottle, featuring a favorite blend and region. A friend recently gifted a membership to me and my husband. He appreciates a good bottle and couldn’t be happier.

A big thank you to Nathan Gordon and his team at the Vineyard Wine Shop for providing Cherry Creek with the perfect boutique wine shop!

Q&A with The Vineyard Wine Shop’s General Manager and Wine Buyer, Nathan Gordon

Nathan Gordon, GM and Wine Buyer

What’s your founding vision?

The Vineyard was founded in 1971 to give Denver’s wine-loving public a place to find the world’s finest wines. Bordeaux, Burgundy, German Riesling — Robbie Wilson created this cozy little shop to bring these and more to a market that was just opening their eyes to the benchmark regions, styles and producers.

Denver has changed dramatically in the past 47 years, and so has the global wine market. Through booms, busts and new trends, we have cultivated a clientele who trust us to sort through it all.

Describe your mission.

We’re showing the third generation of some families what we love about the world of wine, and we’re constantly meeting new customers who soon become familiar.

Establishing trust is important in any retail business, but especially vital when what you’re selling is basically under lock and key on the inside of a bottle. If you’re selling suits or watches or cars, the customer knows what they’re getting at the point of sale. But when you’re selling wine, you have to create a shared understanding of a hidden sensory experience using only words.

And that’s really getting to the root of our mission: We want to create a sense of inclusion around a commodity that historically has made people feel mystified, insecure and left out.

What do you love most about being in Cherry Creek?

The vibrancy of the neighborhood makes it great and the mix of commercial and residential keeps it vital. The foot traffic means we’re constantly meeting new people, whether from other parts of town or from around the country.

What’s your best seller?

French and domestic wines are our two best-selling categories. That’s a lot of California Cab and Chardonnay, Oregon Pinot Noir, Bordeaux, Rhône, Burgundy.

Describe your perfect Cherry Creek day.

The sun’s shining, the doors are open and we’re five deep at the tasting bar. Maybe I grab a margarita or a Negroni down the street after we close, then dinner with friends at any of a dozen of my favorite spots in the neighborhood. The variety of options to build your own perfect day on a whim is what makes this neighborhood special.