I’ve moved to a new brokerage, milehimodern!

I want to share that I’ve moved to a new brokerage, milehimodern!

Many of you might not know what that means. While many agents, including me, operate their businesses as independent contractors and essentially operate as our own company, they must affiliate with a broker who, above all, provides the legal backing for us to represent homebuyers and homesellers.

As you can imagine, brokerages differ widely in the services they offer agents: some have international brands and networks, others offer lots of coaching, still others focus on technology. The brokerage I just left, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty, had a great brand and network and I loved my three years there (I joined in 2016).

I’m immensely thankful to the firm — I had the honor of working on one of the best performing relocation teams in the Western United States and learned from top Denver agents how to attract and sell luxury listings.

All that said KristinHarrisHomes continues! Just with a new brokerage.

The move — real estate through a modern lens

I felt pulled to milehimodern because I love their focus on approaching real estate through a modern lens, which shows in their branding and marketing, as well as their focus on strategically building an efficient real estate business.

I know the founders from LIV (actually, we both worked at LIV and had neighboring desks). So when milehimodern spun out of LIV to launch its own brokerage in early 2019, I was intrigued, and, in late November, I made the jump to join them!

In addition to their focused, boutique approach to real estate, I’m moving because the company has the resources and mindset to help me stretch my business and deepen the value I bring to clients.

For example, milehimodern offers an in-house copywriter who will help polish the marketing and story of homes I’m fortunate to help my clients sell; a copywriter who helps capture the heart and soul of a property and what makes it shine. In addition, we’ll create a specific online editorial and pamphlet for each property we list!!! In short, we’ll highlight the home’s uniqueness and really bring it to life.

We already analyzed and marketed homes to a high degree, of course, extra resources allows us to take it to another level.

Milehimodern’s leadership team includes a strategic business coach, that I will use as a mentor to improve my skills as a real estate business person who provides high-touch customer service by building systems and adding staff.

While milehimodern definitely sells “modern” homes, it has a broad homestyle focus. In fact, modern means we look at real estate and homes in a modern, fresh way, and market them with cutting-edge photography and beautiful online presentation. This is part of the reason milehimodern.com gets so much traffic — the modern way we present homes.

I’m excited by the move, the new opportunities to better serve my clients and grow my business, and approach real estate with an evolving mindset. A great way to go into 2020!

Reach out any time with questions. Looking forward to connecting in the new year!