A handful of new-construction properties continue Cory-Merrill’s upward trek

New single-family homes change an established neighborhood like rain lilies do a meadow after a rain, except they don’t wilt.

Instead, they (for the most part) improve a hood’s character, and tend to raise home values for area homeowners. This is what’s happening in Cory-Merrill right now!

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The neighborhood (where my family calls home!) has four new-builds in development that will hit the market in 2019. I profile them here.

1134 South Milwaukee Street

1134 S Milwaukee Street before the scrape. Source: Google

I absolutely love this one. The five-bed, five-bath, two-car garage home eschews the prevalent modern style for a more transitional one, a merge of contemporary and classic styles. This style is the rage right now.

When the 5,500-square-foot home, built by Dublin Homes, delivers at the end of April, it will dazzle with high ceilings and tons of natural light. To boot, it’s on a fabulous block in Cory-Merrill. This is a must see.

It is expected to list in the $1.8 million range.

1280 South Garfield Street

This home will also feature a transitional design.

Fall colors in Cory-Merrill

At foundation stage right now, this 5,300-square-foot home also features five bedrooms and five baths. When ready for sale in approximately September, expected price point is $1.65 million.

1105 S Milwaukee Street

This modern-style 5,300-square-foot home, featuring six bedrooms, six baths and a two-car garage, stands at the demo and permitting stage now.

Estimates put delivery at $1.8 million in November.

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1500 S Elizabeth Street

Also featuring a modern design, this six-bedroom, six-bath, two-car garage, 5,300-square-foot home will deliver in December in the $1.8 million range.

Bonus new-build — Belcaro

A few blocks north of Cory-Merrill, there’s another remarkable new construction home at 710 South Jackson Street in Belcaro. It’s a modern ranch-style 6,000-square-foot home with five bedrooms, five baths and a two-car garage. Estimates put delivery at 2019’s end in the $2.9 million range.

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