Market savvy, drone video, luxury home tour, sharp design + timing

The 2019 spring selling season is fast approaching and I believe Cherry Creek North will be a hot market, as buyers begin taking advantage of the turning market to purchase homes at what they perceive to be a peak or near-peak.

While Cherry Creek North has 48 homes on the market, just two have been listed in the last two weeks. That will change in the new year, I assure you. Real estate, of course, always heats up as the spring season deepens.

As the season is approaching quickly, faster than we all may be aware, I wanted to present my top 5 ways to get top dollar for your Cherry Creek North home.

Know the Market

Cherry Creek North sellers should recognize first and foremost that the luxury market is cooling. To the point: the average Cherry Creek North home price dropped 4.1 percent to $1.021 million in the first three quarters of 2018 from the same period a year previous, according to MLS data.

Cherry Creek North stats. Source: LIV Sotheby’s Realty based on MLS data.

Average days on market jumped, too, over that time period, from 61 days in 2017 to 68 days in 2018.

That means sellers need to go into a 2019 listing clear-eyed, ready to price their home realistically and carefully spruced up. In short, hit the market right and hard when you list.

Reach out about what I’d suggest for your specific home.

Think Drone

Drones have recently been a real estate buzz item. This year, I feel it’s really a differentiator, especially in Cherry Creek North, where walkability is such a high selling factor.

With drone footage, you can easily present how close your home is to Cherry Creek’s commercial heart or to the 8th and Colorado hub.

It’s why I now will use drone video on many of my listings. Check out this one for a recent customer in Evergreen.

Not only do you see the true scope of the property, but you also see the property lines with the great overlay.

Check your home value.

Join a Cherry Creek North luxury home tour

A luxury tour is a great way to help your home stand out. Of course, only standout homes get on the tour, but it’s not as exclusive as you may think, especially if you have a great agent who can pitch and prepare it.

Just put together in the last year, Denver now has a broker luxury home tour. Every month, a special committee made of local Denver brokerages (including mine, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty) select homes for area brokers to tour. Homes over $2 million are automatically considered for the tour, but the committee makes exceptions for standout homes below that price.

Our brokerage also hosts a Cherry Creek North-specific luxury home tour for buyers. This is an added perk of going with a local brokerage and a plugged-in agent.

Reach out to chat about getting your home on a luxury home tour.

Focus on design, down to the key

You know this, but it’s good to be reminded. In Cherry Creek North, it’s all about quality. Make sure your home bleeds quality. You want it to give off a Broadmoor, Four Seasons vibe, from the moment prospective buyers pull up until they leave.

Think of buyers as guests at a luxury resort.

That means ensuring the yard is landscaped well, the windows and home has been professionally cleaned, the online marketing is sharp, well-written and -presented.

Also, make sure the keys work smoothly. I can’t tell you how many homes I’ve shown, even nice ones, where the key stuck — that’s a clumsy experience that will dampen your home’s demand and value. Believe me.

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Nail timing

To get top dollar for your home, you should be thinking of listing early — Denver homes sold in April have a high list-to-sell-price ratio. Given that closings often take more than a month, that means these homes list in February. The time is now to prepare.

In 2018, Cherry Creek North saw 17 sales in April. Only June surpassed it for sales with 20. Get ready, the season’s coming fast.

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