Highlight the charm newer homes just don’t have

Denver has its fair share of older homes, which some homeowners feel is a potential liability in a sale. That’s definitely true in some cases, but in many, older homes have features that can uniquely enhance a home’s appeal.

As the spring selling market picks up steam, I wanted to highlight some ways owners of older homes can lean into age, and make it an asset. So when they’re ready to sell, they’re ready to hit the ground running. As James Brown purportedly said, “Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready!”

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Older homes have an elegance and charm newer homes just can’t match. Highlight these and you’ll get top dollar for your home.

How to enhance your older home

There are two main ways to burnish an older home’s appeal: nail the basics and highlight the charm.

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Service the home’s major systems within six months of listing

Evidence of maintenance shows care, and you’ll learn more about the condition of your home – information buyers always want and puts them at ease. Get them excited about the beauty of the space, not thinking about any work they’ll have to do!

  • Secure the roof. Get any stubborn leaks repaired and have roofing pros do a total check above to ensure the roof is solid. Get this in writing — this will greatly strengthen your home’s appeal.
  • Mind the HVAC!I know I said service the major systems above, but this one’s worth calling out. Comfort is everything. Hire a professional to clean and service the furnace, boiler and air conditioner. Replace any units that have surpassed their lifespan or display substandard operation.
  • Electrical + plumbing.Electrical and plumbing systems on older homes can be a minefield. I’m not saying you should invest to make everything perfect, but check it out, know where the weaknesses are and repair the most pressing items.

I recently represented a buyer on 720 Fox Street in Denver, pictured above. The sellers did a great job highlighting the original trim and beautiful Victorian architecture.

Highlight your home’s old-world features

This one is gold, and the most fun! This is what buyers are after, the honey pot. Get their imaginations to play!

Original trim

They don’t make trim — baseboards, molding and the wood around doors — like they used to. Repair any broker or rotted wood and add a fresh coat of paint or conditioner to highlight.

Original hardware

Pay attention to door handles, original built-in knobs, windows and fixtures. You’ve enjoyed these for years; take stock, look at them with new eyes, and make sure they show well.

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Original windows + exterior

Does your home wavey-glass windows, the kind they don’t make any more? That has become an asset, even if it is single-pane. Rustic brickwork and so-old-its-stylish-again patterns can add something newer homes just can’t match.

Original character

Think about bringing your older home back to glory. Basically, think of re-homing your well-loved home. She served you well; you owe her. Let her beauty shine!

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