Local expertise, creating the experience, technology + transparency pave the path

Happy New Year! Each year is different, and 2019 is no exception. What it takes to sell a home for top dollar is always new. So as 2019 deepens, I want to share my top selling tips for 2019.

Each home is unique, of course. These are just to give potential homesellers an idea of where to start and broad strokes of what to expect when successfully selling this year.

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Selling your home is about more than fresh paint and a manicured lawn — to maximize your home’s value you must understand your micromarket. Each neighborhood requires specific insight and approaches, from list to close. That’s why I focus on seven core Denver neighborhoods so I can really know the market dynamics, street by street.

With that, below are my top four tips for selling your home for more in 2019. These will help you stay ahead of the market and avoid any bumps along the road.

Know the market

You may have a number in your head for your home, or feel that it should get as much as the neighbor’s did down the street. This can be a misleading way to start, as pricing is completely dependent on local market dynamics. It’s important to find out if your neighborhood is getting hot or growing stagnant.

But getting top dollar means gaining a comprehensive understanding of your timing in the market.

For example, Cherry Creek North sellers need to know the luxury market is cooling — the average Cherry Creek North home price dropped 4.1 percent to $1.021 million in the first three quarters of 2018 from the same period a year previous, according to MLS data.

Timing is everything. Find the stats, read the thermometer, calibrate accordingly and timing will become your friend, not foe. A knowledgeable local agent can take the hassle out of this process.

Create the Experience

Selling your home is far more than selling a space between four walls — it should highlight a space that nourishes life. Identify the lifestyle your space provides and elevate and clarify it for buyers.

This helps a buyer effortlessly imagine a day-in-the-life in your home — what it offers, its design, the calm it sustains. Everything has been taken care of for them. Show buyers the life they want is waiting for them in your home.

A well-framed photo can tell a whole story.

If your neighborhood attracts luxury buyers, make sure quality defines the space. If your listing provides a family-oriented experience, show how your space caters to kid (and parent :)) time.

To do this effectively, you need an accurate profile of your buyers. This is where a top-notch local agent comes in. Find an agent who really knows the neighborhood, and your home — and who you communicate well with. Interview a few; you’ll know the right fit when you see it.

Check to see if we’re a good fit.

Beyond upselling the experience your home offers, make sure you cover the basics. Stay on top of landscaping and cleanliness. That jiggly doorknob? It should definitely be tightened.

Also, make sure your listing’s online presence creates the experience, too. Clean, high-quality photos and sharp, well-written descriptions are essential to setting the vibe before buyers pull up for a visit.

Check Your Home Price

Think Video

A multimedia approach to listing your home can help it stand out. Buyers are expecting these touches, specifically video.

Beyond just a tour of your home, you can create a video that encapsulates the home and neighborhood’s lifestyle. These can be particularly useful in catering to the ever-growing number of out-of-state buyers. This why video is at the top of my list for spicing up my 2019 listings.

Check your home value

For example, a short edit that shows the kids playing in the backyard, a tree-lined walk to the neighborhood park and dinner at the go-to spot can really set the mood for a family looking to relocate.

The below drone video of a home I recently helped sell is a good example.

There is a lot of buzz surrounding 3-D home tours. This new technology is exciting, but I find it less effective. It can create a surreal, disconnected experience, one that video greatly improves.

Be Transparent

Trust is a crucial element in a successful home sale. Buyers can be skittish and sellers, overzealous.

Consider getting a preinspection for your home (and make it available to buyers) — not only does this give you a clear idea of where your home is strong and where it needs work, but it also can foster trust and clarity in the selling process.

You can choose to address certain items in the report and explain other issues to buyers. Transparency builds trust and makes closing that much easier.

Have some questions or want someone to walk you through these steps — let’s talk